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All the extraordinary riches of Ireland in one place. THE ULTIMATE TRIP PLANNER!

We’ve designed WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE to guide you on your journey through this breathtakingly beautiful island of colour, saints, and scholars. We follow the routes you take, guiding you all the way from the extraordinary Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, along our stunning Atlantic coasts, to Wexford’s enigmatic and wind battered Hook Head. We climb mountains, meander up rivers, and delve deep into the wonders of our historic cities. Every town and every major geographical event on our coasts is covered, as well as all major cities, towns, castles, and visitor attractions. Flights from all parts of the world are covered, as well as hotel, guesthouse, and B&B accommodations. Restaurants, festivals, and local events are detailed with great care, and sailing notes are provided for our larger sailing destinations.

We hope that you enjoy WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE as much as we do, and we hope that you use it on-line, en-route, or even better still, as you travel in its new free Mobile App format.

Welcome to Wonderful Ireland.


Navigating through North, South, East, and West.

In order to facilitate the “circumnavigation” feature on the website we have taken some liberties with the terms North, South, East, and West. Essentially you can navigate clockwise or anti-clockwise around all four coasts of Ireland using the north, south, east, and west tabs on the individual destination pages. Just press the appropriate navigation tab to move on to the next coastal destination. Continue to press the navigation tabs to move clockwise or anticlockwise around all four coasts of Ireland. Do note however that destinations are listed in a circulatory arrangement passing deep into river estuaries, and peninsulas, and taking into account islands and headlands. The term “travelling North” therefore refers to your general direction of travel, as the next town may be substantially off-North, but your general direction of travel is northwards.


Coastal Tour V’s Inland Tour.

In order to facilitate the coastal navigation feature on the website we have separated the “COASTAL” destinations from the “INLAND” destinations. The Coastal destination pages, then, are identified by blue coloured tabs, while the Inland destination pages are identified by green coloured tabs. You can pass from Coastal destinations to Inland destinations by routing through the Coastal Tour/ Inland Tour tabs on all pages, or by using the Coastal Map/Inland Map facility on the Maps Pages. Do note that, for the purposes of this website, a town is defined as being coastal if it lies directly on the coast, or is a keel-boat can reasonably pass upriver to it, to dedicated berthing facilities, on tidal waters.


The Great Atlantic Drive.

The Atlantic coasts of Ireland are truly spectacular, and we’ve gathered their greatest treasures into one fabulous touring route which we call “The Great Atlantic Drive”. Starting at the extraordinary Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, it routes along the west coast picking out it’s brightest gems, visiting its most beautiful villages, finest castles, and prettiest cottages. Experience the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher, the stunning Aran Islands, and the beautiful Ring of Kerry. Savour the very best of traditional Irish music, culture, and food, and perhaps even stay with local families as you travel. The Great Atlantic Drive is the ultimate road-trip holiday, an unforgettable two week Irish adventure.


Touring Routes.

We love our touring routes here in Ireland, from the infamous Ring of Kerry, to the wonderful Causeway Coastal Route, and the challenging Wicklow Way. And we’ve collected them all together for you here on WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE, and present them with wonderful imagery, mapping, and descriptions, as well as information on local accommodation, restaurants, and attractions. Enjoy.


A work in progress.

Don’t be worried if your favourite town or visitor attraction is not yet listed. WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE is a work in progress and, if we haven’t visited you yet, we’re on our way!


Sources of photographs.

Most of the WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE images were snapped by WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE, but we have also bought in images from external commercial agencies. Lastly we show a very small number of images from image libraries, each of which is fully credited with photographer details. Again out thanks to those photographers who were kind enough to allow us include their images.


Your holiday photographs.

If you have a magical photograph from your holiday toIreland, we would be only too delighted to have you post it to our Dropbox for review and, perhaps, for posting on the site. Do note that we have a very limited capacity for additional images on most of the destination pages, so your photograph will have to be pretty good to make it to a live posting. Remember to record the location of the subject matter, and the circumstances of its taking. Your name will, of course, be credited alongside your photograph if posted.


Download the Mobile App.

You will shortly be able to download the free App so that you can enjoy WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE on the move, on your handheld devices, and as you travel. WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE is an invaluable tool, not only for researching your holiday, but for organizing your travel arrangements, finalizing your itinerary, solving your mapping needs, and finding suitable quality accommodations. Enjoy!



When you advertise with wonderfulireland.ie you bring your business directly to the attention of your target clientele. We specialize in tourism-related information, providing vast amounts of information to our visitors, and providing targeted cost-effective advertising opportunities to our business customers.

If you are involved in the hotel industry, the restaurant business, any tourism-related activity, or indeed if you operate a B&B, WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE will ensure that your clientele know about you long before they leave home. Our advertising is divided into two distinct sections. Our “global advertising”’ tabs on the front-end of the site are directed at airlines, flight reservation networks, car hire services, and larger accommodation providers. Our “local advertising” pages, linked to individual towns or destinations, are directed at local businesses, hotels, restaurants, guest houses, and B&B’s. We look forward to working with you in growing the tourism sector, and indeed your business, and we thank you for your custom.


Designing your advertisement.

In order to achieve the best return from your advertisement we suggest that you organize the basic information so that it is clear, concise, informative, and to the point. Resist the temptation to oversell, but do not undersell either. Look at the area in which you are located. Is it beautiful, picturesque, a known tourism destination, or is it convenient to any of the better known towns, amenities, or visitor attractions. Broaden the scope of your text so that visitors can see your service or product in the overall context of your area. Look at other advertisements for ideas.


Selecting a photograph for your add.

When taking photographs to accompany your advertisement, we suggest that you take many, and choose only the best of them. Take your photographs in fine weather, and time them so that the sun is in the right part of the sky to illuminate your subject. Move in close to the subject matter, but do not be afraid to show a little of the context either. Photograph nearby amenities, attractions, and vistas also. Finally, in choosing images for submission, remember that photographs with good overall colour and contrast reproduce best on websites.


Publication tresholds.

See our terms and conditions below for details of our policies in relation to advertising standards. Note that advertisements which are found to be inappropriate, or which are clearly misleading, untruthful, or false, will be removed from the website without explanation or discussion. Note also that WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE will be the final arbiter in relation to such removal.


Interruption to service.

As with all websites, it is possible that WONDERFUL IRELAND.IE will have occasional short periods of downtime for technical reasons, or for website servicing. Where such scheduled downtime is absolutely unavoidable, we will endeavour to ensure it is a short as possible, and that it is scheduled for overnight or low usage periods. Where such downtime is caused by technical events, or third party incursion, we will endeavour to recover the service as quickly as possible.


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